Mesecons Laboratory

Adventures in digital circuitry.

Welcome to the Mesecons Laboratory!

Here you'll find various articles on the Mesecons mod for Minetest.

The primary subject is the design and construction of larger or more advanced machines, a topic not very well covered elsewhere. For a simpler introduction to Mesecons, see the main site linked above.

This site has a Minetest forum topic too! Additionally, the source code is available at the GitHub repository.

All articles assume basic knowlege of how Mesecons work, and some may also assume some proficiency in the Lua programming language.

For more Mesecons madness, check out Nore's new site, Basic Mesecons!

Mesecons Basics

6/5/13 - Uberi

An intermission from building to explain the very very basics of Mesecons circuitry. No previous experience required! There's a bit of building too, apparently.

Difficulty level: (1/10)

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Digital Clock

14/4/13 - Uberi

A clock that is digital. Oh, and it displays the time too.

Difficulty level: (4/10)

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Node Detector

24/3/13 - Uberi

A flagrant abuse of solar panel functionality. No game mechanics were harmed in the making of this device.

Difficulty level: (3/10)

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Tic-Tac-Toe Machine

18/3/13 - Uberi

A new spin on an old classic, including an investigation into various techniques for circuit optimization.

Difficulty level: (5/10)

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The Double Sticky Piston Driver

15/3/13 - Uberi

The iconic symbol of piston madness, now available as a breakdown!

Difficulty level: (2/10)

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